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A-Patel Event Planners & Mandap Decorators was established in 2007 by Mr. Ashok Bhalala And Atul Busa We offer a wide range of services for wedding planning, decoration & event management, all services under one roof.

A-Patel Mandap and Decorators have provided 10 years of single-minded dedicated service to help people get through their marriage functions. Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. A-Patel Mandap and Decorators have helped family heads keep their prestige in their time of need.

A-Patel Mandap and Decorators And Wedding planners is a famous and well-established firm Especially in Indoor And Outdoor Decoration Weather it’s A Birthday Party Marriage Party, Reception or Other Occasion

It is a well-known anxiety among marriage revelers that the Indian bridegroom relatives make last-minute demands of difficult to fulfill or test requirements. At such times even the humble service provider rallies round to keep the prestige of the home groups. From humble beginnings of compiling the necessary equipment required in most traditional Gujarat marriages and providing it for the best possible showcase use, today the A-Patel Mandap and Decorators is ‘the’ preferred service provider for most prestigious families in and around Baroda, Gujarat.

A-Patel Mandap and Decorators commit to taking their services to greater heights. As globalization careens at a rapid pace, ideas and visual treats inspire the most remotely located people to go one step further to provide something unique or just novel.

Planning an event does not only comprise of throwing a party. It is an acute phenomenon where every minuscule detail has to be focused on. Meetings and people are to be brought together in a seamless gathering and we provide the host and the guest with all the requirements, from printed materials to audiovisual equipment, from meeting locations to all the needs which is included in a wedding, parties etc.

Therefore, Experience with expertise and confidence helps us to embroider a successful event.

  • A-patel Decorators is a profound name in Stage Decorators, Mandap Decorators, Flower Decorations. Mandap Architecture, Unique and Customized Deisgns..
  • A-Patel Event Planners promise you that customer dream of a party and we will produce accordingly to customer choice.
  • We have a team of specialists and trained chefs in all kind of Indian and Mughal foods.
  • We provide our services at Reasonable charges.
  • We work as one big family. We cater to every function from small parties to mega-events.
  • We have a special delivery time and customized menus. It is our pleasure to fulfill your needs.

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